From Data Management to Data Analysis Pipelines

From Data Management to Data Analysis Pipelines

author By Young-Jin Kim Mar 18, 2015

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The architectures you need to put in place to enable data analysis


Many non-profits and large organizations run into similar data management quagmires. Technology is managed ad hoc and new data systems are added to the organizaton's technology mix to perform narrow tactical goals, without the larger strategic vision in mind. This inevitably leads to data sprawl into many disparate data silos. And without a process in place to refine the raw messy data, it becomes nearly impossible to perform data analysis across the data assets within the organization.

When the time comes to gain valuable insights from these data sets, the lack of data flows, poor data quality and missing integrations prevent most organizations from leveraging their data assets for the larger strategic goals of getting customer 360 views, perform segmentation and better targeting, and measure the impact of campaigns.

In this webinar, our speaker will walk you through the data infrastructure architectural patterns that allow non-profits and organizations to gain valuable insights from their data using an analytics platform that will harness their current data assets without having to engage in a multi-year data integration project. We'll discuss the open source software tools that allow organizations to build the right data infrastructure to get them to an analytics platform.

Who Should Attend This?

  • Large Non-Profit Organizations

  • Membership-based Organizations

  • Anyone else who’s interested in learning about leveraging open source tools and platforms for data analysis

Why Should You Attend This?

  • To learn how you can leverage open source tools to create a ramp to predict analysis

  • To learn about the architectures you need to put in place to enable data analysis

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Young-Jin Kim

Young-Jin Kim is the founder and managing director of Emphanos, an open source technology consulting company based in Chicago, IL, USA, that specializes in providing data management solutions to large non-profits and the government sector. Emphanos employs open source tools to deliver data and system integration solutions that help non-profits advance their mission. He was a mentor at the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship at the University of Chicago where he trained data scientists to solve real world data problems for non-profit organizations. Young-Jin is also the co-founder of DataCognito LLC, a company of data scientists and consultants helping businesses and large organizations with data strategy and data architectures to enable them analyze their data for strategic actionable insights.


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