Harnessing technology to fight the global pandemic

Srijan is committed to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s how we are doing our part

Thoughtfully designed systems that work today, and adapt for tomorrow

Making what exists better starts with redesigning or engineering something new

Our work at Srijan

Intelligent systems that virtualise retail

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Developing Enterprise Chatbots for Instant Access to Asset Performance Data

Case Study Cost-effective solution for enterprises to explore

Building systems freed from geographies & silos

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Designing learning platforms that guide training programs across brands and geographies, aiding accessibility, and training effectiveness

Case Study How a leading cosmetic brand reduced its training spends by one-third

Srijan is Now Acquia Cohesion Partner

Together with Acquia and Srijan's capability, our clients will ensure speedy site-building that will be more inclusive, collaborative, and agile.

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Career counselling on a dashboard

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Data visualisation tool maps college major subjects based on influencing factors like employment, salary prospects, economic growth, and future prospects

Case Study Find your college majors

Collaborative platforms drive tech adoption

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Developing scalable analytics platform with Oncorps that eases collaboration between businesses and technologists by crowdsourcing data

Case Study Enabling technology adoption through analytics platform

Preferred Acquia Partner with 195+ Drupal practitioners and 70+ Acquia certified Drupal developers

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Consulting Partner with 25+ APIGEE practitioners, 10+ certified APIGEE developers and architects

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Advanced Consulting Partner with over 80 AWS practitioners & 60+ certified AWS experts

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