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Build, secure, scale and manage APIs for enhancing digital experiences and accelerating digital transformation

Accelerating the comprehensive API lifecycle of your applications with Apigee

APIs allow interoperability between systems and applications, which enable data exchange and functionality sharing. With our deep understanding of enterprise API ecosystems and expertise in Apigee API management, we help strategize your API journey.

Srijan’s custom API management solutions for your applications enable you to unlock new revenue streams and business models.


Increasing Business Value with API Management Solutions

Why API management is key to advanced business growth in the long run.

The Growing Importance of APIs in Banking and Finance

How APIs can futureproof the banking and finance industries.

Powering the telecom transformation with APIs

How APIs provide effective communication solutions to disparate systems.


Apigee Practitioners


Certified Apigee Experts


Modernization Engineers


API Consulting with Srijan

At Srijan, we drive outcome-based engagements with your organization. Right from API program analysis and equipping product blueprints to building strategy roadmaps and monitoring platform development, we engineer your end-to-end API journey. We also factor in effectual implementation with an eye on a faster go-to-market strategy.

Implementing Robust API Integrations

Our implementation experts put together seamless API integrations by using Apigee resources tactically. To boost your brand and drive business growth, we help you better customize your customer journey. We evaluate your goals and operational processes to identify the pain points and implement APIs to boost your business development.

API Management Strategy

Manage your API lifecycle by implementing a reliable organization-wide strategy through an API platform. Additionally, API publishing, consumption, governance, and analytics will help in improving operational efficiencies and delivering unparalleled customer experiences without compromising on security.

Developer Portal Solutions

We ensure support to conceptualize and build developer portals for your APIs. Maximize value and drive revenue from your APIs with an Apigee integrated portal. We also leverage Drupal’s rich functionalities to your advantage and build a CMS-capable portal with additional Apigee-developed Drupal modules.

API and Microservice Development

Srijan practices a stable approach with APIs to neutralize any risks of your API using the appropriate proxies and facades. Microservice development of your digital ecosystem can fully optimize, secure, and simplify your digital space. By bridging the gap in your digital ecosystem with APIs, enable security, agility, speed, and innovation to your management systems.

Deploying APIs from CI/CD Pipelines

We contribute to the generation of revenue through your APIs by using well-crafted DevOps processes. By deploying APIs from CI/CD pipelines, we keep the focus on ‘Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery’. Not only to help you transact seamlessly but also to enable incremental service upgrades and expansions. We help design a business process that is reliable by constantly and automatically improving your application using API deployment.

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