We live & work The Design Way

It reflects in the way we engage, ideate, tackle problems and respond to challenges.

Guru thinking is our thing

‘Guru’ is a Sanskrit word that describes a mentor, guide & expert. A guru is more than a teacher, helping the student explore & evolve to their full potential.

At Srijan, we apply Guru thinking to our work life.

With clients, we act as their thought partners—asking, probing and brainstorming until we help them find the right problem to solve.

Within our team, we accept that everyone is a work-in-progress, including ourselves. Through reflection and feed-forwards, we learn constantly.


Collaborate Create Iterate

Collaborate. Create. Iterate.

Everything we build for our clients is a creative action with a clear purpose. As thought partners, we are not limited by contract specs. We ask the right questions and re-frame the problem statement if necessary.

Through fresh, constructive thinking and agile processes, we build customized solutions that are above & beyond the baseline.

We see ahead and suggest ideas with the bigger picture in mind. We are flexible enough to incorporate new learnings along the project path to achieve this goal.

Our workplace is democratic

We are unrelenting in our quest to do right by the client. We are unafraid to roll up our sleeves and get the work done, without being held back by hierarchy and levels.

While we stretch and do our best, it is perfectly acceptable at Srijan to say “I don’t know. Let me find out and get back to you.”

We believe in sangha — collective growth for our people, our clients and the business.

Our workplace is democratic

We respect diversity

We have been a thriving remote work organization long before it became the norm, with 400+ employees working from 10 countries. Their differences add to the unique points of view they bring to the table and are celebrated at Srijan.

Women form over 30% of the Srijan team and we are working to improve this number even further.

We respect diversity

We nurture wellness

When our body is healthy and our mind is happy, we become focused and productive, teeming with energy and fresh ideas. We want every Srijanite and their families to enjoy this state of being. So, we provide access to yoga & meditation sessions by renowned teachers throughout the week.

To ensure the emotional wellbeing of our people, particularly in challenging times be it a pandemic or a personal crisis, we have a partner network of counselors and therapists to reach out to. Not just for Srijanites but also for their families and friends.


Like what you see? Join us.

We are always looking for people with empathy, reason and imagination, as well as deep domain expertise in their area.

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What Srijanites say


I have been working at Srijan Technologies full-time for more than four years. The culture in the office is open and everyone gets equal opportunity for leadership.

- Jyoti Singh 

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