Managed AWS Cloud Services

Accelerating your cloud adoption and transformation

Leveraging cloud solutions to design, build and run scalable apps and data workloads

AWS enables seamless deep learning solutions, migration, and modernization. With serverless administration, run your enterprise-grade applications without choking the productivity of your resources. Meanwhile, give your customers memorable digital experiences that add to your brand value.

Operate, decide, migrate, and accelerate your cloud journey with Srijan's AWS services, hassle-free. Be it reassessing your cloud journey or support for migration to cloud computation, we utilize uber-fast, fully secure solutions to manage your cloud, data lakes, and analytics.


How to conduct AWS cost optimization of your workload

Learn about the factors that influence AWS cost optimization.

AWS - The right cloud for media and entertainment workloads

Learn about the benefits of moving to cloud and why AWS is the best choice.

4 Advantages to building cloud-native applications with AWS

Learn how AWS can help bridge the gap to cloud-native app requirements at every scale.


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Run your cloud-native apps on AWS

Modernize your apps using AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service. One of the most trusted ways to run cloud-native apps on Kubernetes, AWS offers the flexibility to scale your apps on the cloud or on-premises. We make it possible for you to automate and update key tasks more efficiently on Amazon EKS at a reduced cost.

Offer personalized experiences

Use Machine Learning to your advantage and facilitate real-time personalized experiences for all users. Srijan helps in building specific product recommendations, personalized product re-ranking, and customized direct marketing on your apps making them highly robust. By deploying custom ML models, we drive customizations for your customers across industries.

Enable data lakes and analytics

Make your data work for you! With AWS, we facilitate you to integrate, visualize, and govern all your data lakes using its analytical prowess. Gain much-needed foresight from the analytical results, which can act as the precursor for your future operational decisions.

Deep learning solutions for your team

We assist in positioning your developers and data scientists at an advantage by extending them a dependable cloud platform to build, train, and deploy deep learning models. Said models are scalable using pre-configured environments and innovative tools with AWS.

Mobile hub capabilities

We employ the AWS Mobile Hub to simplify the process of building, testing, and monitoring mobile applications that make use of one or more AWS services. We help you skip the heavy lifting of integrating and configuring services by simply adding and configuring key features to your apps. Authorize user authentication, data storage, backend logic, push notifications, content delivery, and analytics— and more from a single, integrated console.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. The capabilities of Drupal make it highly versatile, enabling developers to create a wide array of digital experiences.

What is Drupal development?

Drupal development refers to a holistic process that covers everything from the initial setup and configuration of a Drupal site/application to custom development, theming, optimization, and ongoing maintenance and support. It typically involves the following aspects:

  • Drupal Site Building: This includes setting up the basic architecture of the site using core modules and contributed modules. It involves creating content types, setting up views, and configuring the website's fundamental functionality.
  • Drupal Theming: This is the design portion of Drupal development. Theming involves creating a custom look and feel for the site, which includes modifying the layout, colors, fonts, and other stylistic elements.
  • Drupal Custom Module Development: It involves developing special features to extend Drupal's functionality to meet specific needs. This is done when the existing core modules/contributed modules can't offer the specific business need.
  • Performance and Security Optimization: Drupal developers also focus on optimizing the site for performance and ensuring it is secure. This could involve configuring caching, tuning databases, securing user permissions, and updating the site to the latest security standards.
  • Maintenance and Support: This involves updating the Drupal core and any installed modules, fixing any issues that arise, and possibly adding new features or functionality as required.

What Drupal development services does Srijan offer?

Srijan offers a wide range of Drupal development services to meet your business needs comprehensively. This includes:

  • Building custom Drupal websites and apps
  • Creating and customizing Drupal modules
  • Designing and personalizing Drupal themes
  • Providing Drupal migration and upgrade services
  • Offering Drupal support and maintenance
  • Optimizing Drupal performance
  • Developing Drupal e-commerce solutions
  • Implementing Drupal multisite development
  • Providing Drupal consulting and strategy

To support these Drupal-specific services, our skills extend to UI and UX design, content management systems (CMS), data services with AI and ML, integration, APIs, microservices, and cloud engineering services. By housing all these skills in one place, we offer a coordinated and complete approach to address your business needs effectively.

Why Srijan for Drupal Development?

  • Our engagement models focus on innovation and global scale, utilizing both onsite and offshore resources. These partnership models allow us to cater to diverse needs and deliver optimized solutions to our clients, emphasizing flexibility, extensibility, and maintainability. Further, we are considered as 'Thought Partners' because we offer unique perspectives on technology, influencing their approach to problem-solving.
  • Our engineering teams adopt a mature agile approach and work closely with clients to build solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. We regularly reassess and adjust our initial project goals (the north star) in each sprint, responding actively to the client's feedback and evolving needs.

How experienced is Srijan in Drupal development?

  • Srijan has 15+ years of experience in Drupal development. We have successfully delivered 200+ projects for clients around the globe, ranging from fortune 500s, to large enterprises and non profits.
  • We lead in Drupal with 400+ Drupal engineers, and 80+ Acquia certifications.
  • Srijan holds the top partnership with as an Enterprise Partner and Diamond Certified Contributor.
  • As one of the top three global contributors to Drupal initiatives like camps, sprints, and DrupalCons, our significant contributions and active involvement establish us as a highly experienced and credible vendor in the Drupal community.

What industries does Srijan cater to?


  • Media and publishing
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • FMGC, Aviation, Telecom
  • Finance and banking
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Non-profit organizations/NGOs
  • Government and public sector
  • Education and e-learning
  • Healthcare and life sciences

What is the typical process followed by Srijan for Drupal development projects?

Srijan follows a well-defined process for Drupal development projects, which is based on the principles of design thinking and facilitates interactive sessions that focus on human-centered problem solving. Here is a high-level process that we follow:

  • Discover - conduct stakeholder workshops and user research to uncover the problem/requirement
  • Define - empathize with the audience and define the scope/requirement
  • Build - ideate/define the journey for building the prototype/solution
  • Deliver - validate against the requirements by testing, analysis, feedback loops and deliver

Can Srijan integrate third-party systems or APIs with Drupal websites?

Yes, Srijan has expertise in integrating third-party systems and APIs with Drupal websites and applications. We can seamlessly integrate various systems such as CRM, CDP, payment gateways, social media platforms, and more, to enhance the functionality and capabilities of your business sites and applications.

Does Srijan provide ongoing support and maintenance for Drupal websites?

Yes, Srijan offers comprehensive support and maintenance services for Drupal websites and applications. They provide timely updates, security patches, performance optimization, bug fixing, observability and continuous monitoring to ensure stability, resilience and keep the lights for your.

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