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Worldwide, non-profit agencies constantly work for major global causes that directly impact our lives. A significant part of their projects is to create powerful communication and campaigns around a cause so that they are able to educate their target audience and make them realize their vision. 

Therefore, it is important for non-profit organizations to keep up with the latest tech advancements and optimize their website performance to offer an excellent user experience. But, envisioning and building such digital experiences requires continuous efforts and technical expertise.


The Client

Our client is a prominent non-profit organization. They work globally to help countries eradicate poverty and inequality through their sustainable economic growth initiatives. They have a vast digital presence of multiple corporate websites that host a wide range of content for a diverse set of audiences.


We helped a large global non-profit organization migrate to a Drupal-based platform and improve its existing Content Management System (CMS). We enabled them to deliver user-friendly experiences to all their web admins, content creators, and content consumers or users.

The Requirements

They wanted to:

  • Relaunch their global website in three languages - English, Spanish, and French
  • Migrate 200+ websites with 30K multi-lingual pages to a scalable, flexible, and responsive CMS
  • Deliver user-friendly experiences to web admins, content creators, and users
  • Enhance developer experience with reusable components
  • Deliver frictionless experience to their marketers by providing features like content sharing and localization capabilities
  • Improve editorial experience 
  • Optimize the overall website performance

The Challenges

Some of the challenges were:

  • Inconsistent UX across regional websites and microsites
  • Difficulty adding new sites to the existing infrastructure
  • Lack of reusable components
  • Inability to modify and update content in real-time
  • Lack of flexibility to carry out advanced searches
  • Inability to share and localize content 
  • Absence of multi-site website infrastructure

The Solution

We worked closely with the team during the discovery phase to understand their needs at a granular level and delivered the following solution:

  • Built a unified, secure, and scalable Drupal-based platform and migrated their corporate websites to the new platform with negligible impact on ongoing operations.
  • Created an impactful no-code platform with Acquia Site Studio that enabled authors and marketers to quickly create rich pages in the production environment with the drag-and-drop content authoring capability and roll out content faster to provide a better user experience.
  • Leveraged Acquia Site Factory to manage multi-site deployments, including their custom micro-sites.
  • Enabled the digital platform team to build, provision, and maintain their global sites using the benefits of Acquia Site Factory’s centralized cloud management console.
  • Provided advanced and flexible search capabilities with Acquia Search to deliver faster search results.

Overall Approach

UNDP CS Overall Approach

The Business Benefits

Here are some of the notable results:

  • Provided web editors, content creators, and users a feature-rich, highly responsive, scalable, and multi-lingual website with optimized performance

For Website Admin and IT Teams:

  • Easy and seamless hosting of multi-site platforms
  • A centralized hosting solution to manage all digital properties from a single interface  

For Content Editors/Creators:

  • Faster development of content pages with the help of reusable components greatly reduced developer dependency 
  • Collaboration and consistency across the websites led to faster publishing cycles

For Content Consumers (website users):

  • Consistent experience across all websites due to standardized UI/UX
  • Advanced search capabilities leading to a 150-200% increase in response time to queries

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