An open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications


Kubernetes allow larger compute and storage capacity and also enable collaborative workflows more easily. Develop rapidly to iterate locally while mirroring remote production environment as closely as possible. By using autoscaling in Kubernetes at cluster and pod level we can save the costs. Also, Kubernetes uses hardware efficiently. For example, we can deploy the two different application in single Kubernetes cluster.

Simplifying application development

Kubernetes can automatically detect if the new version is bad and stop its rollout immediately. This increase in confidence usually accelerates the continuous delivery of apps, which benefits the whole organization. Developers can also directly interact with Kubernetes cluster and get information related to it.


Automatic scaling

Kubernetes is a managed, production-ready containerized application. It can monitor the resources used by each application and to keep adjusting the number of running instances of each application.


Achieving better utilization of hardware

By setting up Kubernetes on your servers, it can utilize the infrastructure much better than what you can achieve manually.


Health checking and self-healing

As your cluster size increases, you’ll deal with failing computer components ever more frequently. Kubernetes allows moving an application across the cluster in the event of server failures.


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