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API Management, Agile Project Management

Exploring an Efficient Goal Management System

A brief view of an efficient goal management system for enterprises.

Studio Suhita Ghatak

Healthcare & Life sciences, API Management, Opensource, Drupal 8

Gaining Insight on the Disease Spread With ...

The Covid-19 Database application gives access to vital data of Covid-19 patients in India to help people identify its pattern and stop the outbreak.

Studio Vijay Singh

Chatbots, Healthcare & Life sciences, JavaScript & UI/UX, Artificial Intelligence

Embracing Telehealth to Identify Undiagnosed ...

Telehealth's prominence has increased largely due to the advantages it provides, especially during COVID-19. Get sound advice in comfort of your homes

Studio Urvashi Melwani

Technology, Media & Publishing, MarTech, Digital Experience

Do Away With Manual Work via Text Summarization Tool

The Text Summarization tool helps editors get rid of tedious work of creating summaries manually. Automating it allows users to find & churn data easily.

Studio Urvashi Melwani

Machine Learning & AI, Media & Publishing, MarTech, Enterprises

Smart Content Tagging Process To Relieve Content ...

The content tagging tool eases the work of marketing teams by automatically adding tags to the content. It also boosts website ranking on search engines

Studio Urvashi Melwani

Machine Learning & AI, Financial Services, User Experience and User Interface, Product Modernization

Intelligent Car Damage Detection Tool for Faster ...

Real-time analysis of car damage via AI & ML provides a cost estimate and damage severity, thereby ensuring faster insurance claim settlements.

Studio Urvashi Melwani

Media & Publishing, MarTech, Artificial Intelligence

AI-based Image Captioning Tool to Generate ...

Smart image captioning tool relieves content creators & marketers from the task of manually labeling images. Run through the demo link to know about it.

Studio Urvashi Melwani

Technology, Web Applications, Financial Services

Smart KYC Validation Tool to Prudently Prevent Risks

The automated smart KYC validation tool helps enterprises verify customers' data on the fly through government-approved docs for increased efficiency.

Studio Urvashi Melwani

Agile, Data Engineering & Analytics

Data Visualization: Crop Production in India

Experimenting with Tableau to visualize huge data sets. Here we take a look at building a visualization dashboard for crop production data on Tableau and ...

Studio Poonam Lata

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