Designing products, which people love to use.

Designing products that people love necessitates a deep understanding of behaviours, interactions, and the environment in which it takes place. Our products create new possibilities and experiences for you and your customers.

EzContent: Publisher & Marketer Friendly Drupal Distribution

Open source, full-featured Drupal distribution with a suite of end-to-end tools that help enterprises create a great storytelling experience. With a robust architecture and easy-to-navigate interface, it makes it easier to manage your digital assets, deploy and test your content across channels, websites, and track performance.

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An open-source, universal platform to consolidate your enterprise APIs and unlock new opportunities in the API ecosystem. OpenDevX is designed for managing multiple API products and programs across multiple gateways. Build bespoke developer experiences with easy API discovery, curated resources and more. And finally, monetize, measure and monitor your APIs to drive revenue and engagement goals.

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Cognitive Sales Assistant

Businesses spread across multiple geographies find it challenging to organise their knowledge assets for easy reference during sales activities that take place at multiple offices and locations. We designed a simple data storage and retrieval tool using natural learning process and named equity recognition techniques.

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