Digital Marketing Automation

Reimagine personalized customer experience and strengthen your relationship with them through marketing automation

Know your customers and engage with them on the platforms where they are

In a perpetual effort to build lasting relationships with customers, businesses try to get a deeper understanding of their customers by engaging, monitoring and analyzing their interactions across multiple touchpoints.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a unified platform that goes beyond supporting your marketing activities - it allows you to completely engage with your customers, right from discovery, purchase, retention and loyalty. This helps in understanding your customers and creating meaningful experiences for them, which in turn increases your brand stickiness and ROI in the long run.

At Srijan, we offer SFMC services to help brands build customer journeys to engage and communicate the right messages at the right time. Our experts are experienced in migrating and setting up marketing automation leveraging the tools in the SFMC suite. With our expertise you can quickly build end-to-end intelligent marketing automation including personalized email campaigns, optimized customer journeys allowing you to engage with every customer, through any channel, on any device of your choice.


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