Content Management

Take control of your digital core

By taking a holistic approach to manage content and data across your enterprise

Today, content management systems need to do more than just manage digital content. They must handle various content formats, deliver to smart devices, and integrate easily with emerging tech.

In essence, your CMS should support your entire digital experience.

We help you to customize content for seamless web, mobile and third-party touchpoints and deliver personalization. We act as your thought partners in choosing the right architecture to build your repository and editorial workflows for content creation, distribution & consumption. Our platform-based approach to content services is designed to help you keep pace with your business as it evolves.


Standardize, scale and optimize with multisite architecture

Enterprises having multi-regional/multi-lingual sites, campaign-driven microsites or different sites for their products & services often face operational challenges. In such cases, implementing a multisite architecture built around a single code base is a strategic and practical approach to address issues like brand inconsistencies, scalability and visibility.

Setting this up requires thoughtful planning in terms of technical considerations, governance and optimization. Srijan can help.

Build adaptable and dynamic sites with headless architecture

For businesses that rely on traditional CMS, delivering content on different devices is a challenge. A flexible and extensible architecture will let you design compelling user experiences from scratch across channels and devices.

With headless architecture, we can help your development teams publish dynamic content through any framework on any device. This gives greater control over interactions and improves your customer journey at every touchpoint.

AI content

Generate content faster with AI-enabled editorial experience

Content is at the heart of tech-enabled media and broadcasting industries. The major challenge faced by the editorial teams who operate in the digital ecosystem is that they need to optimize their content for SEO, manage the ever-growing repository and tag images/audio/video for better searchability and much more.

At Srijan, we help editorial teams by automating anything that is not related to creativity and storytelling. We leverage AI-enabled tools that offer best-in-class editorial experience in content creation, operations, distribution and discovery.

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