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Your Content platform is an important touch point for your prospects and customers to connect with the brand. Remaining on an outdated content management system leads to potential security risks, maintenance issues and operational inefficiencies. By moving to the latest version of Drupal, you get the security and all the capabilities to create rich content and build seamless digital experiences across various channels and devices.

Srijan takes the difficulty out of migration. We believe that the most important factor to consider before starting on a migration project is to identify the complexities of your existing implementation and then plan on the migration strategy. With our experience in managing large-scale Drupal migrations, our experts are well equipped to predict and analyze what kinds of issues you may encounter, how to deal with them, and recommend the best available options for your specific situation.

Our Service

We understand the importance of your data, structure and functionality. From analyzing the source to transforming it into the required format and identifying the right process to load it to the destination, we cover it.

Whether migrating from CMS like AEM, Wordpress, Sitecore, Kentico, Joomla, proprietary CMS/non-CMS platforms or unsupported versions of Drupal to the latest version of Drupal, we do the heavy lifting. Partner with us and build rich digital experiences.
Version Upgrade & Migrations
To improve security, governance, and get access to the latest features and functionalities, migrate from the older versions of Drupal (D7/D8) to the latest version of Drupal. From auditing your existing sites to identifying blockers and custom development needs to planning and migrating, Srijan can help.

Our Drupal Migration Process

With our experience and expertise harnessed by managing large-scale, complex development, and migration projects in all the major versions of Drupal, we make sure that you get the right migration solution. We ensure complete transparency throughout our engagement, which means you’ll get your issues resolved faster, saving you time, effort and money. Further, we work closely with your developers throughout the project so that they get to learn from our experts.

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Why Srijan for Drupal migration?

With 12+ years of building and managing enterprise websites and applications, we are one among the top 5 Drupal development companies, globally and largest Drupal service provider in Asia. Our proactive approach to handling customer requirements, commitment to giving back to the open-source community has gained us the top-tier recognitions in the Drupal community. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Srijan as your migration partner:

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Zero Downtime:

Incidents like application downtimes are often a huge cost to the business - both from integrity and financial perspective.

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Shorter migration time frames:

Accelerate migration and replatforming projects with our award winning open source Drupal distribution, EzContent

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Data accuracy:

100% accuracy in data migrations, as our cross-functional team of experts are well versed in defining migration paths for entity, nonentity, structured and unstructured data

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24/7 post migration support and maintenance to ensure availability and reliability of your sites and apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose Drupal over other CMS platforms?

Drupal is meant for those who aspire to build ambitious digital experiences. It comes with features that support personalization, multi-channel publishing, supports de-coupled architecture and headless architecture that promotes content reuse.

While predefined templates and industry specific solutions are readily available with some of the CMS platforms, Drupal 9 is meant for those we aspire to build ambitious digital experiences, that are aligned to their business needs.

What distinguishes Drupal 9 from the others are:

  • It empowers the users to leverage latest web technologies to create effortless digital experiences
  • comes with flexible, reusable components
  • ready to use themes
  • Omni-channel, multi-channel and multilingual publishing and personalization capabilities

Why Replatform Your Digital Core with Drupal?

Drupal, being an open source framework comes with both CMS and DXP capabilities which allows you to manage your experiences, application components, development, orchestration and infrastructure. In addition, Drupal comes with strong community support, it is scalable and secure. All these capabilities enable businesses to innovate and adapt quickly to the evolving business needs.

Why Migrate to the latest version of Drupal?

Running your systems on outdated versions of any software comes with risks like lack of timely security patches and core updates. While Drupal 7 has its end of life scheduled in 2023, Drupal 8 has already reached end of life. Now, Drupal 9 comes with a modern updated codebase, which makes it one of the best open-source content management frameworks available in the market. Some of the compelling reasons for migrating to Drupal 9 are listed below:

  • Comes with enterprise level security, with cleaner code base, as old/deprecated code and third party dependencies are removed.
  • Stable version that offers scalability and flexibility with 7800+ compatible modules, including 200+ contributed modules 
  • Easy future upgrades, as new capabilities and features are planned to be released twice a year. This leads to faster innovation cycles.
  • Backward compatibility makes it easier to upgrade from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10.

Our Strength

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Shared Success

Replatforming and Migration from AEM to Drupal at Scale for a Non-Profit

The Need

Our client is an NGO that strives to eliminate poverty through sustainable development in 170+ countries. They have 200+ websites that offer a wide range of content for their diverse audience. But all these websites were disorganized across multiple instances of AEM and Drupal, which led to usability issues and poor user experiences.


How we did it

We built a multi-site, multi-geography centralized platform in Acquia environment with Drupal CMS as base. This Integrated Digital Platform is built on a single code-based architecture, driven by a reusable component library. We used automated scripts to migrate from AEM to Drupal, which improved the speed and accuracy of the process. With this, migration at scale became a reality, as it offered uniform structure for all the sites with its layout builder, common editorial controls and 80+ reusable components.

Highlights of this project includes:

  • Facilitated faster roll out of global websites that are extensible and future ready.
  • Consistent portal experience by leveraging UI – Kit
  • Migrated 165+ multilingual sites.

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