Data Engineering & Streaming

Data Engineering & Streaming Platforms for real-time intelligence

Due to the proliferation of many systems and applications in an enterprise (On-Prem, SaaS, Cloud, 2nd/3rd party apps), there are integration challenges with multiple data sources and pipelines and managing data orchestration into the data platform. Secure and reliable data flow is a challenging task. And with more real-time use case(s), implementing and scaling up Streaming engines for real-time / near real-time needs requires specialized skills.

At Srijan, we can partner with you to implement Data solutions and Streaming platforms. Our experts are well versed in Data Modernization through' new generation Data Platforms on cloud leveraging cloud native and managed services, managing batch/streaming data orchestration and enabling self-service via APIs. We can help implement a streaming platform to efficiently manage event streaming data across the enterprise with Apache Kafka/Confluent platform and many real-time streaming applications.


Seamless integration with IoT Platforms

Today, IoT devices are used across industries to collect different types of data. Enterprises leverage this IoT data to build and extend apps for their users. For this to happen, the IoT devices must be integrated with IoT platforms so that the different data streams can be stored, processed and analyzed.

At Srijan, we can connect your IoT devices to the cloud environment so that data is synced and stored seamlessly. We can also connect device data in real-time to your apps through APIs so that reporting and analytics can be carried out smoothly. Leverage our expertise to implement IoT data platforms to easily integrate various devices, across drone and satellite images based application platforms, health-care devices, manufacturing and industrial sensors etc.


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