57% of tourists believe that brands should personalize their shopping experience based on their personal preferences, behaviors, and past choices. Thus, personalization plays a major role in enhancing customer experience and driving engagement and conversion.

Our client is an EMEA-based tour and travel company that is emerging as a full-fledged omnichannel travel services provider. Their services expand to hotel booking, flight booking and they continuously evolve to cater to the changing customer needs.

They were facing challenges in driving conversions due to a lack of personalized, accurate, and real-time communication with the users. All this was leading to a bad user experience, low engagement, and high cart abandonment. They wanted a unified platform that could help them overcome these challenges.


Srijan built a platform that seamlessly integrated multiple microservices for enhancing the management and execution of campaigns to drive engagement and conversion.


The Requirement

The Client came with the following requirements: 

  • A platform that facilitates seamless data sourcing for personalized, easier, and accurate campaign management. 
  • Ability to access near-real-time information on prices, weather, or other relevant information to be used for personalized campaigns.

The Challenges 

The client was facing challenges related to data sources and automated customer segmentation which are listed below:

  • Multiple microservices provided different data points which were not useful for the marketing team
  • The data segmentation to address the targeted customer was done manually, thus, was a cumbersome process 
  • Collecting real-time data about discount coupons and promotional offers and the notification for the same was done manually
  • Inability to provide dynamic pricing during the marketing campaigns that rolled out in realtime

The Solution

The Srijan team built a solution that was : 

  • A unified platform with end-to-end automation at the core through a foundational layer for all integrations.
  • The platform was based on port and adapter patterns, where you could change the data source without making changes to the end-user data schema.
  • The automated platform was designed to pull the data from Braze(the Campaign and CRM tool) and segment the users based on detailed behavior patterns.

Our Approach

Our solution was built to be campaign agnostic and easy-to-configure data sources. This ensures easy deployment of campaigns with minor configuration changes compared to building applications from the ground up. We: 

  • Created a simple configuration file schema for the marketing team that they can submit to the application. The application would then change its sources in real-time for different CRM-related products without any inherent changes to it. 
  • The platform incorporated ML-powered algorithms that can segment the user based on different attributes and upload the new segments to the CRM. This automation extended to the CRM for categorizing the users and sending the campaigns. 
  • We used a data platform and an API-driven solution to retrieve the dynamic price for the user and send the notification for any price drop along with a coupon to the user.

Tech Stackcase-study-tech-new-sampleBusiness Benefit

    • Enhanced process efficiency, reduced effort, and errors with end-to-end automation
    • Easier access to customer information with automation at the core of the solution - thru’ a foundational layer for all integrations
    • Streamlined personalized customer communication
    • Boosted user engagement and conversion with real-time prices and coupons 
    • Increased cross-selling of products with real-time notifications

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