Productive collaborations that lets you imagine and construct systems to grow, connect and enable.

Your business lives in a world of change, and change brings complexity, which can distort the design of your business. To keep you at your best, our agile work ways adapt to your business, customers, and opportunities.

Digital experience brings content management systems that mirrors the way your organisation should work. Product Engineering bridges the gap between concept and market, and Platform Modernisation will create modular, flexible infrastructures for your business that anticipate change.

Bridging the gap between concept to market

Engineering products that people love to use requires a deep understanding of context, behaviours and culture.

You understand the complexity of your business, customers and markets and we bring the technical know-how to help you realise your product vision. We make sure technology doesn’t come in the way, as you plan your product go-to-market strategy.

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Discovery workshop

Collaboration with your team in a workshop setting to understand, and learn about the product, its vision, and role:

Product appreciation: Understanding the product’s ambitions, goals, and intended use cases

Prototyping: Conceptualising a product prototype with detailed features and functionalities layout, wireframes and workflows

Discovery handbook: A single source of reference outlining the planned product development process

Stakeholder interviews

We interview and understand the views of multiple stakeholders to learn how they envision the product-why the product is being built (product makers), what will it solve, for whom, and how? It covers the entire spectrum from concept, industry, customer to competition. Interviews with end users bring clarity to desired functionalities and use.

These workshops help identify gaps that could be potential roadblocks or opportunities, and allows plotting the product with greater detail as it moves towards development.

Creating the MVP & beyond

Time-to-market is critical for new products, determining its success and failure. We work to get your product to the end-users faster-to test, learn, change, and be re-introduced.

Our rapid prototyping approach:

Identifying an MVP: Plotting the basic, functional version of the product to hit the market quickly and re-iterate based on user feedback.

Two-week sprints: Bringing agile methodology to the development process by breaking down the plan in two-week sprints. Each sprint is dedicated to a set number of user stories, reaching a demo version at the end of each sprint.

Continuous feedback and iteration: Constantly monitoring customer feedback on the MVP and mapping changes in subsequent sprints, the product gets improved with every iteration.

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