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EzContent is an open-source, full-featured CMS with a wide variety of essential content management features available out of the box. Most prominent among these are the rich content editing capabilities that are supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

EzContent - Award Winning Drupal Distribution


Highlighted Benefits


Manage decoupled frontends better

Take advantage of de-coupled CMS without losing must-haves. Retain features like drag and drop page builder


AI-Generated content

Content generation & multimedia management - smart content tagging - is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning


30% faster time to market

End-to-end tools consist of some essential out-of-the-box features & integrations to speed up your development by up to 30%

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Solution Offering

For Editors

Streamlined workflows to minimize the room for errors and increase overall efficiency.

EzContent brings a suite of full-featured content generation tools and workflows to deliver impactful and engaging digital experiences


For Marketers

Deliver a compelling content-led experience that makes conversion metrics easier to achieve

Eliminate time-wasting efforts like searching for the right asset and focus on delivering a unified experience


For Developers

An API-first, component-based architecture designed to expedite your digital transformation journey

Give your developers the freedom to build a highly interactive end-user experience with the fastest possible delivery of your project.




Drag & drop layout builder


Component-based Architecture


API-ready decoupled CMS


Cloud ready


AI-enabled Multimedia Search


AI-powered content generation

Bridging the gap between developers and marketers

Evolving customer behavior is bringing new challenges for marketers every day. They’re consuming more rich media across the web and mobile apps. They are seeking more engaging experiences and so do the search engine algorithms. 

To keep up with the customers’ demands, marketers and developers need to work together to quickly build and test experiences that make the most of the headless technologies. But marketers and developers can find it hard to collaborate effectively and increasingly desire greater independence from the bottleneck processes when integrating these new experiences within the organizational workflows and standards.

EzContent can limit this friction and achieve that productive alignment between your editorial, marketing, and technical teams allowing you to deliver experiences quickly and at scale.

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Big players rely on Drupal

Staying au courant of the technology, Drupal is a quintessential open-source CMS known for its robustness, flexible infrastructure, innovative design, and powerful in-built modules. A leading platform that meets the demands of big players for interactivity, personalization, optimization, and scalability, it has everything you need! Whether you are a developer, enterprise, or business client, you will always be amazed by its benefits and keen to be in the reliable shade of this CMS.

EzContent is forked from Drupal and Drupal 9 ready.



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