Deliver impactful personalization strategy seamlessly across omnichannel

Businesses struggle to drive results from effective user engagement strategies. The problem?  Doing so without changing the way they are treating their users.

Effectively convert your leads into customers, and break the walled garden of MarTech ecosystem with our AI-powered personalized marketing technology. Visualize your customer journey, track brand touchpoints with an omnichannel strategy to boost conversions.

Our solution can help you reduce acquisition cost by as much as 50%, increase revenue by 5-15%, and improve the efficiency of marketing spend by up to 30%

Connect with your customers during key moments and deliver a successful customer experience tailored to their uniqueness.

Engage at every step of the customer journey.

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Understand your customer data better with centralized customer profile to deliver rich, engaging, and unforgettable customer experiences 

Maps customer journeys

The customer journey is an intricate web spread across different devices and touchpoints. Mapping it means pulling in data and unifying it all under a single customer profile - the devices he is using, the accounts he is logging in with, the interactions with your brand on email, website or social media - everything visible at one place. This 360 degree view is what helps you truly know each customer, extract granular data on behaviour and preferences, and effectively personalize their journey.

Segments the users

Segmentation is the bedrock of any effective personalization strategy. Srijan’s team of experts can help view and understand your collected customer data to consult on the most widely used segmentations, as well as criteria that will allow you to create more nuanced customer segments as well. We help you set up systems that parse through huge volumes of data to identify patterns  that lead to intelligent segmentation designed to accurately target high-value user groups.

Integrates with all tools

Collect and unify customer data generated across every single point of interaction. Integrate with website and social platforms to track activity. Integrate with your CRM and any other marketing automation platform to pull in relevant metadata. Think of tool or platform that currently generates customer data, and it can be integrated to the personalization platform.

Optimizes in real-time

Real-time personalization and optimization is enabled by an intelligent decision engine. Fetching the right content for the right segment, based on the defined rules happens like clockwork, with the system coordination content, delivery and display to ensure that  personalized customer experiences are rendered extremely fast and glitch-free.

The benefits


Acquire more clients


Improved brand loyalty


Enhance customer experience


Reduce acquisition cost

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