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Streamline the editorial workflows using the component strategy with Drupal 

Srijan helps media publishing and business enterprises optimize their content marketing for every device and every visitor. Kickstart your campaign by quickly building landing pages, templates, and managing content creation with zero IT help. Cut down on production-approval time & cost.

Authors waste up to 50% of their time on low-value work.

Drupal 8 & Acquia Lightning for Rapid Rollout of Multiple Media Websites

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Do away with different content creation, managing, and publishing processes and automate seamless delivery to a range of touchpoints. And nurture prospects faster by seamlessly merging reusable content for a smooth experience.


With Srijan's expertise in defining the Components, the content creator can create reusable chunks across different properties


Enable publishers to efficiently collaborate from different mediums, eliminating copy-and-paste errors


Expand the capabilities of the solution as your business expands


Automate repetitive tasks such as creation, editing, publishing and distribution.

The benefits


Reduce content creation time thus making content consumption more efficient


Dynamically assemble and reuse content components


Simplify content update tracking


Nurture prospects by seamlessly merging content with re-usable CTAs


Automate content publishing to multiple platforms


Consistent and error-free user experience

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