Enabling a switch from classroom instructor-led training to eLearning, Estee Lauder wanted to build an integrated digital learning ecosystem for its culturally and linguistically diverse workforce. Their beauty advisors are the first point of customer interaction at stores across the world, and Estee Lauder wanted to standardize and enhance product learning and knowledge, to enable their beauty advisors to sell better. 

Estee Lauder is a global leader in prestige beauty — delighting its consumers with its transformative products and experiences, inspiring them to express their individual beauty. It takes pride in focussing solely on prestige makeup and beauty care with a diverse portfolio of 25+ brands distributed globally through eCommerce channels and retail outlets sold in 150 countries. 

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What Estee Lauder Wanted  

Estee Lauder was looking to build a scalable and engaging knowledge repository, in multiple languages. They wanted their beauty advisors in different markets to easily access training resources, in order to provide consistent customer care and experience across all retail stores. They also wanted this solution to provide analytical insights to understand and intelligently drive learner experience on the platform.

Despite extensive product research, the client was unable to find the right match, which tracked and reported on live training, to their requirements. 

Drupal for chosen for the core enterprise LMS because it provides a powerful backend, with an organized and abled knowledge repository. With built-in language handling abilities and simple administration for non technical members, it also provides great flexibility to tweak the architecture. 

What We Delivered

We built an open-source, multilingual, global platform where beauty advisors could consume and interact with a vast set of learning resources. Decoupled Drupal was at the center of this solution, handling the storage and publishing of learning content across multiple consumption channels.

The new learning platform is highly effective, being rolled out across multiple geographies, and has already cut expenditure on classroom training sessions by 30%.

How We Did It

Given the solution that Estee Lauder wanted, we identified Drupal to be the best choice for the core platform. Drupal powerful content handling was just right for the huge quantity of learning resources that Estee Lauder had. Drupal out-of-the box features around multilingual, as well as proven efficacy in decoupled solutions made Drupal the right choice. 

So with Drupal as the content repository, here’s what we delivered for Estee Lauder:

A fast and scalable admin system with an interactive user interface

The core enterprise learning management system was developed in Drupal 8 which would provide a user with an organized knowledge repository, easily accessible through different devices such as mobile or tablet. Since the courses covered different types of content, it was imperative to ensure the site doesn’t slow down. 

While Drupal is scalable to support content-rich sites and experiences, React was chosen  for its ability to efficiently update and render interactive components, such as the location of the user, across different mediums (web, mobile apps, and chatbot/VoiceBots). 

Since the solution demanded multiple types of content (text, videos, audios, quiz, pdf) in different languages with a scalable backend and a creative UI, decoupled architecture was an easy choice.

Efficient and engagement learning ecosystem

The learning management platform curates all resources, eliminating the need to conduct periodic classroom sessions to train its people or repeat a session across different locations. Since the platform would be available both online and offline, the learning was no longer restricted to a particular time slot or place.

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Inbuilt learner performance analytics

Since there were multiple users using at any given time, the LMS was incorporated with the feature to monitor the performance of the courses and videos using interactive reporting system via xAPI.This helped in understanding how the team members are faring with the learning process while also learning the specific needs across geographies.

By tracking the learning actions, Estee Laudercould analyze how users are interacting with the learning resources, know if they are effectively learning, identify when to offer what kind of resources, in order to make the process more effective. 

The results produced would be in the form of interactive reports using graphs and pie charts.

The platform is being continuously improved, the client is already starting to see the benefits of an integrated learning ecosystem. Moving forward, the platform will incorporate additional channels to enable learning, like chatbots to quickly answer product queries for beauty advisors. As the next phase of the project, we are working on AR solutions to allow people to scan a product image and get all the information on that product, without having to ask anyone log into the site or consulting manuals.


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