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We are technology creatives building great solutions to help our clients grow


Srijan (sri-j-uh-n) is a Sanskrit word that means ‘creation’. And this is what we do for our clients—create elegant, effective solutions for their business problems.

Founded in 2002 as an open source web content management company, today we offer bespoke digital experience services powered by in-house accelerators, to a wide range of industries - from enterprises to non-profits.

We follow a consultative approach, asking the right questions and going beyond project specs to understand deep-seated challenges. We follow the ‘design way’ of life, applying beautiful logic and creative thinking to build the right technology solutions for your needs.


Our state of being 

At Srijan, we live and work by these principles:

  • Be Authentic: We value transparency and deliver what we commit.
  • Be Responsible: We are diligent, detail-oriented and own our outcomes.
  • Be Vulnerable: We are not afraid to say, ‘I don’t know’. But we’ll always find out and come back with a solution.
  • Be Long Term: We care deeply about our clients’ success. For us, loyalty means doing what is right for our clients and for their clients.
  • Be a Guru: We are committed to helping our clients grow. As thought partners, we will help them identify the right direction. As their expert team, we will help them build the right solutions.

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Careers at Srijan

It’s a spirit of discovery and adventure that ties us to our clients: business leaders who are changing the shape of their business, and our world.

You could be from media, retail, hospitality, or even community. We are keen to understand your world and your customer’s world, and understand that outcomes matter most.


Meet the Leaders

Our leadership team brings to the table fearless vision, unique perspectives, attention to detail and a passion for tech solutions that help businesses and society.

Ashish Goyal


Mohit Bahl

Director - Consulting

Ashish Thakur

Director of Technology - Cloud Engineering

Gaurav Mishra

Director - Digital Experience

Avienaash Shiralige

Director - Delivery & Agile Coach

Ritesh Gurung

Director of Technology

Arijit Dutta
Arijit Dutta

Head of Sales & Ops - ANZ

Sriram Sitaraman

Director of Technology - Data Science

Reena Tripathi

Account Director - Business Head & Strategist, UK & EU

Namit Agarwal

Delivery Director

Gaurav Handa

Delivery Director

Nancy Sharma

Delivery Director

Dharani Chennakesavalu

Director of Technology - API & Microservices

Rupa Mistry

Delivery Director

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Our Clients

  • ELC
  • monotype
  • crown world
  • Media corp
  • crain
  • sealed-air
  • on-corps
  • conde-nast
  • ccf
  • tracelink
  • diversey
  • staples
  • vogue
  • yes-bank
  • ictsi

What We Value

As your thought partners, we nudge you to think beyond what you are doing and get to the heart of the problem. To us, the project specs are indicative — but the goal is real.

We bring an unusual degree of care & craft to our work, designing solutions unique to your business & requirements.

We are passionate about technology, flexible about new learnings and critical about quality — this keeps us pushing for limitless possibilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is not just about fulfilling the letter of the law. Srijan gives back to society with love & passion. We try to make a difference, one step at a time.

Through the Srijan Foundation Public Charitable Trust, we are directly involved with a few initiatives that aim to drive change in society. At Srijan, CSR is not an obligation, nor is it an act of greatness; it is an integral, organic part of who we are and always will be.


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