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TheRecordXchange provides jurisdictions and litigants simple and secure access to digital records of legal proceedings. Their SaaS-based legal workflow management application that lets Court Jurisdictions and private firms offer tools to their reporting and transcription teams that will allow them to manage and track the progress of all transcripts, including appeals, more effectively.


  • Goal: A robust, cloud-based server to effectively handle the processing and access to a large volume of text, audio and video files.
  • Solution: Amazon S3
  • Outcome: Successful integration of the client's Drupal application with Amazon S3. Reduced costs by 40% and increased operational performance by 30-40%

The Challenge

The SaaS-based workflow management application captured and let users access recordings of legal proceedings. Courts, jurisdictions, private firms, and individuals could avail their digital transcription services and track the progress of all transcripts, including appeals, more effectively.

Rendering the back and forth of heavy text and multimedia files posed a major challenge given the client's business model extensively revolves around providing frictionless user experience.


The proposed solution involved building a prototype and rolling it out.
Solving with Amazon S3

Offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance Amazon S3 was a unanimous choice to manage a large volume of files without worrying about capacity constraints.

With S3, the client was able to add any number of files to the application, without worrying about capacity constraints. Since S3 would handle file processing without burdening the application layer, the application became lighter and delivered a better user experience.

Bringing in dynamic spacing, it allowed the client to scale up or down space usage as and when required. With no minimum usage requirements and availability of on-demand usage, S3 proved to be a highly cost-effective solution for the client.

As a result of going all-in into the AWS Cloud, the client reduced costs by 40% and increased operational performance by 30-40%

The Business Benefits

  • 40% reduction in cost of total ownership
  • Dynamic storage and pay-as-you-go pricing enabled the client to leverage a highly cost-effective cloud-storage solution
  • The application could now efficiently manage a huge volume of files, and make them accessible anytime, anywhere for its customers.

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