Enterprise Integrations

Build sophisticated, unified experiences

By connecting disparate applications to your core system

The global demand for convenience is the driving factor behind enterprise integrations. To survive and sustain in this ecosystem, offering effortless experience is critical.

We can help you deliver digital convenience, down to the very last click.

Today, consumers expect slick, easy-to-use interactions at every step. Employees too want intelligent, automated solutions to simplify everyday activities, without having to access multiple locations or systems. At Srijan, we help you create intuitive self-service options at the point of need for both your internal and external users by integrating your core system with your CRM, DAM & others.


E-commerce integration for better CX & operational efficiency

The secret to a successful e-commerce platform is beyond shopping carts and payment gateways. You need a robust solution in place to manage inventory, handle traffic volumes, support smooth transactions, and offer data analytics that give you insights to drive up revenue.

At Srijan, we help both B2C and B2B enterprises with API-driven e-commerce solutions that can integrate with any application to make your business agile, get powerful analytics, convert more and significantly reduce operational costs.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) to optimize backend content creation

You may already have tools and systems to manage your digital assets. However, this is just one part of the story. To build rich digital experiences, your internal users — the editorial teams — need a seamless way to create content and access these tools at the point of need.

We help you build digital convenience for your editorial and marketing teams by integrating DAM with your CMS. This will simplify search and help them access the right assets when they need them, all without exiting the CMS.

Asset management
Business Process

BPM Integrations to streamline your business processes

The first step towards operational success is streamlining your business processes for better visibility and clarity. You can achieve this only by integrating different workflow engines with your core systems.

At Srijan, we can help you set up business process modeling to ensure efficient movement of information between your systems to boost business collaboration, agility and productivity. We do this by integrating BPM engines with your core systems like ERP, CRM and many more.

Smart Search to aid content discovery

The way customers search has changed from exact keywords to natural language based queries and voice search. To taste success in this landscape, enterprises need to stay in tune with evolving search needs by offering contextually relevant, accurate results.

Our experts at Srijan can help you craft a future-ready search strategy using smart tools like auto-tagging that makes your content more discoverable and your search results more customer-relevant.

Smart search

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