Customer Analytics & Personalization

Build meaningful, personalized experiences

By harnessing the power of data to gain granular insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences

The success of digital natives lies in their ability to understand their customers and engage emotionally through personalized experiences. To compete in this landscape, traditional enterprises need to think beyond building mass campaigns and outreaches based on historical, disconnected data.

Leverage data and analytics to optimize customer experience.

At Srijan, we can help you leverage your data to understand your customers’ sweet spot even before they begin the purchase journey. Deriving actionable insights from this, we can build personalized experiences like dynamic pricing, product or content recommendations, hyper-personalized campaigns, omni-channel tracking and more.


Unify data and get analytics-ready with a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

There are many ways to collect and store customer data from multiple systems like CRM, Order management, Marketing automation tools, Web applications, ERP and Transactional systems. Yet, businesses struggle to organize and get a holistic view of each customer. A CDP brings together data from different departments and systems and enables customer insights, predictive analytics, and designing personalized experiences.

Through our CDP services at Srijan, we build data hubs from real-time data streams. These span sources across MarTech, transactional & social platforms, and give you a unified, 360-degree view of your customers. We adhere to the best practices to ensure that data protection and customer consent is also taken care of.

Develop and implement a strong analytics strategy

While data is omnipresent, enterprises need a robust analytics strategy to organize and analyze it and derive actionable insights.

At Srijan, we help you discover data challenges and opportunities by accessing your data sources and establishing the right metrics for decision making. With the data in place, we help you identify patterns, implement advanced analytics to evaluate purchase likelihood and recommend the right products etc. for your customers.

Analytics strategy

Enable personalization to connect better with customers

Today’s customers are used to contextual, relevant, convenient experiences. The best way to offer these is through personalization and tailored experiences that resonate with them.

At Srijan, we believe that personalization is a natural progression of marketing communication into digital conversation. We design systems that help you connect with customers at key moments and deliver personalized, engaging interactions that give them exactly what they want.

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