Component Based Development

The easiest way for your enterprise to manage multiple web properties and deliver consistent brand experiences.

How Crain is Leveraging CBD

Crain is one of the largest privately owned business media companies with 55 leading brands across North America, Europe and Asia. We've helped Crain leverage CBD to build a highly robust and scalable Drupal 8 publishing platform with the goal to migrate all of their brands to this platform. Below are the highlights of this project:


Multisite & Migration

Enabled Drupal multisite to manage core profile configurations along with brand specific configurations. 

Migrating over 100,000 nodes per site with content going back to the 1990s.

Site Building

Site Building

Extensive use of D8's site building capabilities enable web producers to create landing pages without any developer intervention.

Brands can choose from multiple layouts and create page components from a library of available components.

DevOps & Automation

DevOps & Automation

Setup a robust framework which enable a single click deployment job for each brand and for each environment.

30-40% of the testing is covered by Behat tests.  

Atomic Design

Atomic Design

Used Pattern Lab to create a global style guide which reduced dependency and enabled front-end developers to deliver independently of the back-end developers.

Why Component Based Development

  • Faster Time-to-Market
    The initial phase of CBD is time consuming. However, that is a one-time investment that ensures faster development and time-to-market for future development.
  • Easier Maintenance
    CBD systems are made up of pre-tested components which interact with each other through explicitly defined integrations. Thus, the codebase is clean, and it’s easy to identify and correct errors.
  • Brand Consistency
    CBD ensures that multiple digital properties deliver consistent experiences while maintaining their individuality.
  • Smoother Distributed Development
    With a pre-designed set of components, each system can be independently designed by distributed teams, without the need for complex branching and merging.

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  3. Useful systems and tools which come in handy while implementing CBD

Build a robust multi-site platform which focuses on modularity, scalability and security.

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