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Manage and scale your enterprise IT infrastructure at will, keep operations efficient and optimized with Amazon S3, Lambda and more.


Resource shortage, rising costs, inefficient processes - those are some of the most common challenges businesses face when it comes to managing and scaling an enterprise IT infrastructure. With AWS, you get access to a range of serverless and managed services that can bring significant time and cost savings.

AWS Lambda

Everybody loves serverless operations, and AWS Lambda is one of the most reliable ways to do it. With event-based triggers, Lambda can run your code for any application or backend service, scaled as per usage. And it's cost-effective because enterprises pay only for the compute time they actually use.

At Srijan, we have leveraged AWS Lambda across several projects:

  • As backend service for Amazon Lex and Alexa

  • To transform the data coming in from various business systems into a standard format, to be used on an enterprise data analytics platform

  • As a web-based API system, in combination with Amazon API Gateway, to provide serverless REST framework

Amazon S3

One of Amazon’s oldest and most stable offerings, Amazon S3 is a powerful object storage service. A scalable and secure cloud-storage, S3 is suitable for both small and large enterprises, and the varying volumes of data they deal with. S3 also offers storage classes based on durability, allowing businesses to store less frequently used or less critical data in cheaper, but less durable classes.

Owing to S3’s simplified data management and data analysis features, and optimized costs, Srijan teams have leverage it across several projects:

  • SaaS-based Drupal Application: As a robust, cloud-based server to effectively handle the processing and access to a large volume of text, audio and video files, for a Drupal application

  • Data Analytics Platform: To host a single page application built on AngularJS, and storage for all files and content assets for an enterprise data analytics platform.


AWS offers a host of task-specific services that do just one thing, and do it really well. These are usually tasks that are commonly used by a product or application or solution. And plugging in an AWS service to get the work done makes more sense than trying to do it any other way.

Here are a few of the services we’ve used across different projects:

  • Amazon Simple Notification Service(SNS): A pub/sub system, best used in web and IoT based projects, mobile push notifications, and chatbot applications.
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service(SQS): A fully managed message queuing service to send, store, and receive messages across different software components.
  • Amazon Simple Email Service(SES): A pay-as-you-go email service to manage marketing, notification and transactional emails.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Srijan can help you evaluate and implement these, and other, AWS serverless services, based on the needs of your enterprise project. Get on touch with our expert team to explore how you can get the best of AWS.

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