Why most Indian Startups fail? Pitfalls, myths and securing early-wins

Why most Indian Startups fail? Pitfalls, myths and securing early-wins

author By Prashant Sharma Apr 30, 2014

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.

In this webinar, our speaker Prashant will talk about current trends in the Technology Startup Ecosystem in India, industry focus and creating newer market opportunities.

We will also discuss prevailing business models aligned by industries, impact of global technology trends on India and the shifting in Indian demographics with respect to the growing Startup culture. The discussion will then touch upon common pitfalls, success inhibitors and opportunities in the Technology Startup space. We will close the webinar with potential emerging trends in the next 3-5 years and what entrepreneurs or Startup aspirants can prepare for, before riding the next wave of innovation.

Who should attend this?

  • Early Stage Start-ups
  • Start-up aspirants
  • Independent Developers
  • Mobile Developers

Why should you attend this?

  • To learn about the challenges of starting a venture and unique challenges with respect to the Indian market
  • To learn about the current and emerging trends in the technology space
  • To know how to attract the right team, partners
  • To explore social influences and myths attached to entrepreneurship
  • To get practical tips and pointers which are highly useful for Startups or individuals putting together the building blocks for Startups
  • To gain insights into economic terms such as CPI, CAC, ARPU etc.
Prashant Sharma linkedin profile

Prashant is a Principal with Microsoft Ventures. He advises Startups across stages and industries, help develop strategies, operational plans and business models. Prashant specializes in Big-Data, Internet of Things and Urban Informatics in addition to wider business and technology areas. Prior to Microsoft Ventures he co-founded and sold Startup focused on high frequency trading and worked with companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Siebel Systems to gain extensive industry experience in Technology Consulting, Sales and running Global Operations.


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