Why Learning is Critical to Your Company’s Bottomline

Why Learning is Critical to Your Company’s Bottomline

author By Ori Bendet Oct 30, 2018

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Is your product being sold the way you want it to be sold? Do your sales teams know your product inside out?

You can build the best product possible but if nobody knows how to sell that, it’s doomed. Whether you are working in a startup or in an enterprise, a strong relationship and communication between the product and the sales team can be a real game changer. When the sales teams are able to learn your product well, they’re able to better sell and upsell to your customers. 

In this session we’ll go over the challenges of today’s sales enablement and how to make sure that effective learning takes place throughout your organization. 

What's in it For You?

  • The challenges in educating in today’s world
  • The “uneducated salesman syndrome”
  • Ways to measure your enterprise knowledge
  • Ways to minimize risk while adopting digital learning platforms


Ori Bendet Linkedin profile
Ori (1)

Ori Bendet is an experienced product leader with both enterprise and startup experience combining strong technical and marketing skills. He is currently Director of Product Management, leading a SaaS based digital learning platform at Time To Know called iEcho that helps instructors and SMBs digitize their learning processes.

Prior to that Ori spent 8 years in HPE Software in various product and engineering positions


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