7 September 2016

Why Enterprises Need Distributed Agile Teams

By Rahul Dewan and Avienaash Shiralige

Discover why distributed agile teams are necessary for global enterprises

Enterprises across the globe are choosing to stay lean and efficient, with compact teams that get work done faster. But there are times when projects become larger than anticipated, and you find yourself in need of a bigger team. You are looking for the best talent, flexible enough to match your technology expertise and project requirements. And it’s not easy to find people who check all the boxes.

Enter distributed agile teams, a compact group of talented individuals who seamlessly plug into your project. These teams can be onsite or offsite, and work in close coordination with your in-house teams. Join the webinar to understand how an offshore agile team can help you scale your enterprise projects, enabling you to have the best people on the job, across the world.

The Webinar Covers:

  • Why enterprises need distributed agile teams

  • How a distributed agile team plugs into your business

  • What to look for in a distributed agile team

  • Different agile/scrum models and identify the one best suited for your enterprise

  • Offshore agile challenges and how to resolve them

Take a look at Avienaash's complete slide deck.

About Rahul Dewan and Avienaash Shiralige

Rahul Dewan is an entrepreneur, open source and agile evangelist, blogger, green activist, and yoga and meditation practitioner. He is the founder of Srijan Technologies, a 12-year-old consulting company with expertise in building high-traffic websites and online business applications.

Avienaash Shiralige is an agile coach and trainer, and has been working in close conjunction with Srijan. For him, agile is a way of life, and he helps business and teams understand and implement agile methodologies into the way they function. He also shares his expertise and experiences on his blog titled “Agile Buddha’’