Why Adopt Analytics Driven Testing
author By Ori Bendet

Why Adopt Analytics Driven Testing

author By Ori Bendet Jun 14, 2017

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Learn what is analytics driven testing and how to start using analytics for testing your apps

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Today’s testers must test multiple aspects across a plethora of device permutations, in every network condition, while balancing quality with speed of delivery. But there’s no time to test everything. And so, we base our tests on hunches. But hunches can result in not testing key functionalities and/or environments that end up having a devastating effect on quality of the product.  

So what’s the answer?   

We need to switch from “gut feel” to evidence-based-testing, or simply put, adopt the practice of analytics to drive testing. Join the webinar to learn why and, how to start using analytics for testing your apps.

Who is this for

  • Testers
  •  DevTesters
  • Test managers
  •  Developers 
  • Project management
  • Product Owners 
  • CIOs 

Key takeaways

  • What is one of the main problems in today’s testing teams
  • What are the risks? 
  • Examples from our own experiences
  • How can you empower your testing by using Analytics
Ori Bendet linkedin profile

Ori Bendet is the Inbound Product Manager for the Functional and Mobile Testing products at HPE Software, leading a brand new cloud offering currently in beta.

He started his career in testing where he spent 5 years in various QA managerial positions, including automation and QA team leader for several products, such as LoadRunner, StormRunner, and Executive Scorecard. Ori is also a public speaker and active blogger, writing for several blogs such as TechBeacon and HPE’s All About the Apps blog. 


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