26 July 2017

Web components, Polymer & Aligning Drupal’s Destiny

By Bryan Ollendyke

Join the webinar and learn how web-components polymer can be used in front-end development in Drupal.

It was early February of 2017 and the ELMS:LN core development team was dejected. How would they ever build a more interactive and engaging learning ecosystem if they had to keep fighting Drupal’s theme layer?

There must be a better way! And that’s when they had an idea: flip the development paradigm to be design first, and use component architecture to solve our problems. 

They found web components, a native part of the browser specification and the Polymer tooling by Google to be exactly what they were looking for. Effectively, they could define their own HTML tags without using frameworks like React or Angular; just pure Javascript, CSS and HTML templates.

Join the webinar to hear their journey with Web Components, why they can’t stop talking about them, and how ELMS:LN is pushing the envelope when it comes to front-end development techniques in Drupal.

Who's This For?

  • Front end designers,

  • Developers 

  • Project managers 

  • Site Builders who want to see how the Web Components Drupal module can be used to eliminate traditional theming workflows. 

What's In It For You?

  • What Web Components are, why they are the future of the web

  • What ELMS:LN is, how it leverages Web Components and our roadmap for them

  • Production workflows made possible via web components

  • Other potential uses for web components in education

Bryan Ollendyke
About Bryan Ollendyke

Bryan Ollendyke, btopro, has been a Drupal developer for 11 years. He is the lead on ELMS: Learning Network, a suite-of-tools approach to learning management system design that is unique both in Drupal and the Ed-Tech space. He is also in the unique position of working within a university that allows him to contribute 100% of his efforts back to Drupal and GitHub in general.