Truly Scalable eCommerce with Drupal Commerce

Truly Scalable eCommerce with Drupal Commerce

author By Chris Rooney Sep 2, 2015

 This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below



The flexibility and scalability of Drupal Commerce.


eCommerce is tough enough as it is, but things can get really complicated when trying to scale up a commerce platform to support millions of SKUs, thousands of transactions, and a broad range of functionality requirements and integration points. 

In this webinar, we'll discuss specific examples of how the flexibility and scalability of Drupal Commerce can be used to support complex, high volume product catalogues that would be difficult to support using alternate technologies. We will assess the capabilities of Drupal Commerce and how it stacks up against the other options out there at the low, middle, and high end of the market. We will also give an update on how we believe the Drupal Commerce modules will be improved for their Drupal 8 release.

The Webinar Covers:

  • How core architectural features of Drupal can be used to your advantage in high-volume eCommerce environments

  • Perspective on the eCommerce platform options available and where Drupal Commerce fits in

  • What types of organization and commerce scenarios can benefit most from Drupal Commerce

Check out Chris' complete slide deck.

Chris Rooney linkedin profile

Chris is the President and Founder of Digital Bridge Solutions, an eCommerce-focused digital agency in Chicago, IL. He started Digital Bridge Solutions to help mid-market enterprises compete and win in the digital channel. As the company's leader, he instills the highest level of commitment and client focus in each project, all the way from strategy to execution and business results.

When he is not helping clients grow their businesses online, Chris is an ambitious athlete, participating in boxing, kung fu, yoga, parkour, CrossFit, flying trapeze, capoeira, and triathlon.


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