24 July 2013

Strategies and Approach to Deal with Emergencies in Agile Team

By Avienaash Shiralige

How to tackle emergencies during sprints, without losing sight of sprint goals.


Every Agile team has to deal with different emergencies next to their regular work. Every team dream of achieving sustainable pace comes with nightmares of production emergencies/defects, support and maintenance tasks which takes focus completely off the sprint goals. In this webinar, we will discuss Agile project management and a few ideas and approaches to deal with the sruprises during a sprint.

About Avienaash Shiralige

Avienaash Shiralige is an agile coach and trainer, and has been working in close conjunction with Srijan. For him, agile is a way of life, and he helps business and teams understand and implement agile methodologies into the way they function. He also shares his expertise and experiences on his blog titled “Agile Buddha’’