Ruling Drupal 8 with #d8rules

Ruling Drupal 8 with #d8rules

author By Josef Dabernig Jun 20, 2016

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.


Learn how Drupal 8 Rules can help you automate powerful backend capabilities.

Have you ever dreamed of automating your Drupal site? Wanted to send out an email automatically when a specific user logged in? Automatically updated a Block on the Frontpage after the 10,000th user has visited the site? 
All of this is possible with Drupal 8 Rules. This session will take you through real examples of how Rules for Drupal 8 is so much better and will change the way we build sites. We will look at: 

  • How the new Drupal 8 Core APIs for Entities, Plug-Ins, Conditions, Context and Actions allow for much nicer Rules integration 

  • How you can easily write your own Events, Conditions or Actions for Rules 

  • Which Contrib Modules already pledged support of Drupal 8 Rules 

The Webinar Covers

  • How Rules works

  • The status of Rules for Drupal 8

  • How to write Plug-Ins for Rules


You can also take a look at Josef's complete slide deck here.

Josef Dabernig linkedin profile

With over a decade of experience in web and background in HCI, he has used open source technologies such as Drupal (and Wordpress and Semantic MediaWiki) to solve challenging problems for a variety of clients and organizations around the world. He also contributes to a variety of Drupal community organizations and projects such a Drupal4Gov, as a maintainer of the Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) and Acquia's Build and Launch Tools (BLT).

Recently Mike has been working on a Digital Signage project for a mass transit agency. This project uses Drupal 8 and Amazon's Internet of Things (IOT) service to provide real time transit data to millions of riders daily.


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