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Vartul Mittal

RPA - Leveraging Digital Workforce for Future of WorkVartul Mittal

Find out how to successfully implement RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in GICs…

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Ishan Mahajan

Building a Multi-Brand Platform with Drupal 8Ishan Mahajan

Join the webinar to understand how to build a multi-site Drupal 8 distribution…

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Matt Skinner

Is Your Business Ready for GDPR?Matt Skinner

Join the webinar to get a complete overview of the General Data Protection…

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Vivek Singhal

Artificial Intelligence & the Future of BusinessVivek Singhal

Understand the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of businesses,…

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Baris Wanschers

Gaining Instant Speed : Google AMP & Instant ArticlesBaris Wanschers

Discover how Google AMP and FB Instant Articles bring faster page load times,…

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Jesús Martín

How to Design a Chatbot that WorksJesús Martín

Join the webinar to know the history of chatbots, current challenges in chatbot…

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Tarun Sharma

Moving from Monolithic to Microservices ArchitectureTarun Sharma

Understand what is a microservices architecture, how to work with it, and how…

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Sugangh Khanna

Simplifying Migrations to Drupal 8Sugangh Khanna

Take a look at how to use various modules for Drupal migration. Also, learn…

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