20 September 2017

Moving from Monolithic to Microservices Architecture

By Tarun Sharma

Understand what is a microservices architecture, how to work with it, and how it is superior to the monolithic application architecture.

This webinar has ended. You can view the webinar session video above, and also check out Tarun's complete slide deck.

Most of the current web apps follow Monolithic Architecture i.e. all code (presentation, business, and data access layer) is maintained within the same code base. On the other hand, we have microservices: a single self-contained unit which, together with many others, makes up a large application. The ideas is to split your app into small units so that every part of it is:

  • independently deployable and scalable 

  • can be written by different teams and in different programming languages

  • can be tested individually

In this webinar, we explore the challenges, including performance, that can happen with a growing monolithic application. And then we dive into what is a microservices architecture, and how it can resolve the problems faced in a monolithic architecture.

Who Is This For?

  •  Back End devs with knowledge of JavaScript/Node 

  •  Developers working with DevOps

What’s In It For Me? 

  • Understand  what is a microservices architecture and how it can be established

  • Learn how to manage application in monolithic environment and in microservice environment

  • Join a demo of Node.js application with a microservices architecture

  • Learn how to use Docker for creating microservices

  • Know how to manage Docker container for different services written in Node.js

About Tarun Sharma

Tarun is a passionate developer, and since the past 3 years, has been working with JavaScript, Angular 1.x, Angular 2.0, Node and different frameworks & library like React+Immutable+Redux JS. He works with Redux in production applications, and finds it very useful for state management and React friendly. He is also a publisher and online trainer providing numerous training videos on his channel.