22 November 2017

Gaining Instant Speed : Google AMP & Instant Articles

By Baris Wanschers

Discover how Google AMP and FB Instant Articles bring faster page load times, and which one to choose for your business

This webinar has now ended.

The websites we build today get bigger and slower, with average page load times of 5 seconds or more. With our increasing need for speed, Google and Facebook have launched initiatives like AMP and Instant Articles, to make mobile web content load faster.

In this session, we take a look at exactly how well these initiatives work. Join the webinar to discover the pros and cons, and evaluate if these techniques would boost your business growth.

Who's This For?

  • Site builders

  • Architects 

  • Back/front-end developers 

  • Anyone working with the mobile web 

What In It For You?

  • Understand Facebook Instant Articles and Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and how they compare 

  • Identify why it would be great to implement them

  • Understand the challenges involved and why you might want to give it a second thought

  • Know which one to pick for your business and why

About Baris Wanschers

Baris Wanschers is co-owner and founder of Amsterdam-based Drupal specialist agency, LimoenGroen. He is chair of the Dutch Drupal Foundation and maintains several Drupal modules.