The Entrepreneur's Guide to Open Data

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Open Data

author By Prasanna Lal Das Oct 15, 2014

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.


How can entrepreneurs in developing countries produce social impact?

In this webinar, our speaker will share examples of innovative companies that are already taking advantage of open data. He will walk you through the emerging business models and the 'environmental’ factors that must be in place to nurture open data driven businesses. He will also discuss instruments that are gradually beginning to emerge to support entrepreneurs in this area.

Who should attend this?

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Investors

  • CSOs

  • Economists

  • Transparency and accountability advocates

Why should you attend this?

  • To know what open data is

  • To understand how open data is reshaping industries

  • To ascertain where the economic opportunities lie

  • To learn about some inspiring open data success stories

  • To be aware of its implications for governments and the private sector

Prasanna Lal Das linkedin profile
Prasanna Lal Das

Prasanna is the Lead Program Officer at the World Bank and leads the open financial data program. He’s especially interested in the role of open financial data in promoting civic engagement and results, and the potential of open data to foster commercial growth and innovation. Prasanna and his team are also investigating the possibility of using big data for international development initiatives, especially to increase their effectiveness. Prior to joining World Bank in 2003, Prasanna worked extensively in the private sector helping companies develop strategies to use information as a competitive business asset. He has worked in a variety of sectors including information technology, media, education, and telecom. Prasanna holds a Masters degree in Modern Indian History. He also writes for the World Bank blog.
He’s a tweet away at 


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