Drupal 8: The Crash Course

Drupal 8: The Crash Course

author By Larry Garfield Dec 2, 2015

 This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.


Experience a comprehensive Drupal 8 tutorial that'll help you get started.

We put together a Drupal 8 tutorial with Larry Garfield, giving a crash course on how to quickly get started with all the new stuff. In this Drupal 8 tutorial, our speaker will walk you through Drupal's key systems and APIs that are intended to give developers a taste of what building with Drupal 8 will be like. Check out this session for a comprehensive Drupal 8 tutorial which will help you get started with D8 right away.

Almost a complete rewrite under the hood, Drupal 8 is a modern, PHP 5.5-boasting, REST-capable, object-oriented powerhouse. Now leveraging third-party components from no less than nine different projects, Drupal 8 aims to be the premier Content Management Platform for PHP. But how do you use all this new-fangled stuff?  

This Drupal 8 tutorial covers:

  • Basic patterns of developing modules for Drupal 8

  • How typical Drupal 7 tasks map onto Drupal 8 concepts

  • Leveraging existing knowledge of modern PHP and Symfony in particular, when building Drupal 8 modules.

You could also have a look at a couple of resources suggested by Larry:


Larry Garfield linkedin profile

Larry is a Senior Architect and Community Lead at Palantir.net, where he develops solutions for medium to large cultural and educational institutions. Larry holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from DePaul University and has been building websites since he was a sophomore in high school, which is longer ago than he’d like to admit. Larry works to represent both Palantir and Drupal in the broader developer community.

Larry is also an active Drupal core contributor, including the principle architect of the Drupal 7 database system and the Drupal 8 Web Services Lead. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Drupal Association and the Drupal representative to the Framework Interoperability Group. 

Larry is a co-author of "Drupal 7 Module Development" from Packt Publishing. He blogs at both http://www.palantir.net/ and http://www.garfieldtech.com/


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