20 January 2016

Creating More Entrepreneurial Nations

By Rick Spence

Why do developing countries need more entrepreneurs? Discover

Modern economies are struggling with slow economic growth, high government deficits and nagging unemployment. Traditional development strategies lure companies from one location to another, but rarely create new wealth. Meanwhile, persistent unemployment, especially among the youth, is considered a key cause of rootlessness and alienation. How can we solve these problems? 

The solution is to create stronger communities of educated, creative and confident entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is not just about business; but also personal development, innovation, curiosity, and learning to be of service to others. Successful entrepreneurs create innovation and jobs. As more entrepreneurs succeed, they encourage new entrepreneurs, and the veteran are better able to support the growth and development of the next generation. Discover how, by creating more entrepreneurial communities, we can turn success into a renewable resource!

This Webinar Covers:

  • To understand the importance of creating strong entrepreneurial communities

  • To learn about the role of entrepreneurship in building a more innovative, skilled, and engaged workforce

  • To find ways to support and promote entrepreneurship, on a local and national basis

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Rick Spence, Entrepreneur
About Rick Spence

Rick is a business writer, entrepreneur and consultant in Toronto, Canada. He sits on the board of a global software company and is also a business coach and mentor. He is also a director of Startup Canada, a national, entrepreneur-led organization striving to make Canada the best place in the world, to start and grow a business. He is the former editor/publisher of PROFIT, The Magazine for Canadian Entrepreneurs, and national entrepreneurship columnist for the National Post newspaper.  Rick is the author of "Secret of Success from Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies", and the forthcoming "Startups for Heroes: The Veteran’s Guide to Entrepreneurship". You can reach Rick on Twitter at @rickspence