23 February 2017

Business, Engineering, & Design: How to Learn Across Disciplines

By Amelia Schmidt

Cross functional teams and about how innovation leverages diversity

As organisations grow, they tend to become siloed. The engineers have their section, designers sit over there, and business people wear suits and go to fancy lunches. Communication is via Slack channels and emails, maybe team meetings every now and then. But overall collaboration between departments is scarce.

It’s only recently that we’ve started thinking about “cross functional teams” and about how innovation leverages diversity and diverse thinking. This session explores how engineers, business professionals and designers can use techniques from each other to build empathy, collaborate more and achieve goals together. Join the webinar and learn how we can use each others’ techniques, build our skillsets, and share business knowledge across sectors, which is win-win for everyone involved.

This Webinar Covers:

  • Explore of some of the skills your colleagues in other departments use 
  • Find new ways to apply some of the industry techniques you already have

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About Amelia Schmidt
Amelia is a user experience professional and creative technologist, front-end engineer and startup founder. She has a passion for building online products and inspiring others to innovate and be creative through technology. She teaches regularly at General Assembly, currently works at Clover.com.au, and is building estimate-work.com