10 July 2013

Business Application of Node.js with Drupal

By Shashank Merothiya

Take a look at the business application of Node.js

The webinar takes a look at the business application of Node.js, and integrating it with Drupal to provide clients a much sharper and slicker product.

Level: Intermediate

The Webinar Covers:
  • Use cases to depict where Node.js could be used

  • Working demo of the implementation

  • How Node.js talks to your Drupal architecture

  • Challenges faced by the team

  • Possible roadmap and more use cases

About Shashank Merothiya

Shashank Merothiya is a business analyst at Srijan Technologies. He has over 7 years of experience over multiple open source technologies. Shashank started as a developer and is now helping clients with understanding Drupal specifically and the web in general.