Building BPMN Web Portals with Camunda and Drupal

Building BPMN Web Portals with Camunda and Drupal

author By Ishan Mahajan Mar 22, 2017

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.    

A Drupal-Camunda tutorial, looking into integrating the two.

Enterprises today have multiple teams and several applications working in tandem. In such situations, combining a BPMN workflow engine with your content management system gives you a lot of flexibility in managing tasks, and keeping your teams in sync. 

Camunda, an open source, Java-based workflow engine can provide intelligent workflows for large enterprises. And if you are using Drupal as your enterprise CMS, it becomes very easy to design and implement a BPMN web portal that combines these two technologies. Join the webinar for a Drupal-Camunda tutorial that explains how to deploy a Camunda-Drupal connector module, and what are the business benefits for an enterprise

Here's Ishan's complete slide deck.

Who's This For? 

  • Developers and architects who regularly integrate Drupal with other softwares, within large enterprises. 

  • Developers and architects who are interested in learning more about Drupal's REST API capabilities and how Drupal is a great fit for creating web portals for backend enterprise software. 

  • Developers and architects interested in learning about Camunda 

This Webinar Covers:

  • Learn why you need a Camunda-Drupal integration 

  • Understand when to use a Camunda-Drupal integration 

  • Understand how does a Camunda-Drupal integration actually work, and how to implement it 

Ishan Mahajan linkedin profile

Ishan is a Program Manager with several duties including being a Solution Architect and Tech Lead at Srijan; with an overall experience of over 7 years in solutioning, architecting and developing products for online businesses. He is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and has been practicing SCRUM software development and delivery methodologies over the last 5 years in various roles -- as a proxy PO, a Scrum Master, or as a technical architect in Agile-SCRUM teams



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