Build the Right Product with Lean Startup Principle

Build the Right Product with Lean Startup Principle

author By Nancy Sharma Jan 25, 2021

The webinar has now ended. You can check out the session video shared above, and access Nancy's complete slide deck.


A lot of businesses today are struggling with generating value for their customers. However, according to a Standish report, around 47% of features that are built are NEVER used by our users. If that’s the case, are we truly generating value for them?

While Scrum focuses on bridging the gap between engineering and business, it does not help the business in uncovering what the user wants. Lean startup, on the other hand, is a movement which has gained lot of trust in the industry in solving the mystery of “customer value”. It talks about experimentation in terms of the build-measure-learn cycle. 

I believe that lean startup can very well supplement the scrum framework in discovering the features that can generate value for our users. Join the webinar and explore how we can apply both lean startup and scrum principles in bridging the gap of “customer value”

Who Is This For?

  • People who have an intermediate or above level of experience with the Scrum framework

  • People working in the role of SM, PO, with a good understanding of Scrum

  • A little exposure to the lean startup concept would be an added advantage

What's In It For You?

  • Understand how to focus on the question “ How to build a right product” rather than “How to build this product right” 

  • Get insight into Lean startup principles and how to apply them in a scrum set up.

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Nancy Sharma

Nancy is a Certified Product Owner(CSPO) and a Certified Scrum Master(CSM), currently working as an Agile Coach at Srijan. In her decade long association with Agile, she has worked with big and small teams alike. She has forayed into Distributed Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup, and Scaled Agile frameworks and is an active member in the agile community. Nancy has spoken at various national and international conferences - Global Scrum Gathering, Agile Tours, and Agile India, to name a few. Apart from work, she runs her own parenting and fitness blog -


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