Breaking Limitations with New Drupal 8 Features

Breaking Limitations with New Drupal 8 Features

author By Ashish Thakur Jun 25, 2014

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.​    


Learn how to exploit the new capabilities of Drupal 8

In this webinar, we will touch base with various pain points that hit us on a day-to-day basis while working with Drupal 7 and introduce the new Drupal 8 features and improvements that will help you overcome these pain points and make your life easier.

Who Should Attend This?

  • Developers
  • Site builders
  • Themers
  • Drupal enthusiasts and professionals
  • Project Managers

Why Should You Attend This?

  • To learn how to exploit the new capabilities of Drupal 8
  • To understand about the changes in file structure of Drupal 8
  • To know the prerequisites for development in Drupal 8 and learn about Vagrant, and get a demo with a virtual machine for Drupal 8 development
  • To learn about the modules in Drupal 8: both the additional modules and the ones that have been removed
  • To gain insight on the changes in architecture of blocks in Drupal 8 and how it will help overcome the limitations of Drupal 7 and make life easier
  • To learn about configuration management and deployment in Drupal 8 with a live example where we would deploy configuration changes made locally to a development server and then from development server to a production server.
  • To get a glimpse of responsive UI in Drupal 8
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Ashish Thakur

Ashish Thakur is Tech Lead at Srijan Technologies. He has been working with Open Source technologies like Drupal, Solr and Node.js for the past 3 years. He is an active Drupal community member, has contributed a Drupal 8 module ( and has also submitted patches to Drupal 8 core.


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