Automating Visual Regression using ‘Galen’

Automating Visual Regression using ‘Galen’


This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.

Master Galen for automated visual regression of responsive websites.

Responsive web design is all about crafting sites that provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across different devices. This becomes all the more important in the light of Google boosting the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly if the search was made from a mobile device. This has the net effect of penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly.

In this session, we will discuss the challenges in testing responsive websites, and how to overcome those by using the tools available online. We are going to take a closer look at Galen, and how it can automate responsive web design testing.

Why Galen?

Galen is an open source framework built for responsive websites. It provides the feasibility to test the various pages on screen sizes and browsers. The test and spec files can be written in plain English which makes it easier for the business people to understand and contribute. This can also be used as a guide for the UI developers where they build the layout based on the spec files agreed by the business.

This Webinar Covers:

  • Understanding the nuances of Responsive Web Design

  • Knowing the variety of tools used to test responsive websites

  • How to approach Responsive Web Design testing

  • What is Galen and how to use it

  • Hands-on demo of Galen

Don't forget to check out the session slides.

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