6 December 2017

Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Business

By Vivek Singhal

Understand the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of businesses, and how they can leverage it for better results.

This webinar has ended.

Check out Vivek's slide deck here. 

AI is the new electricity” – Andrew Ng, former Chief Data Scientist, Baidu

Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier for human evolution. It will upend industries, cause fundamental shifts in processes and jobs, and create unprecedented innovation.The question one wishes to answer is: how and why it impacts industry, and how can it be leveraged by businesses. 

This session will introduce AI and machine learning: the process of creating AI, and go on to discuss the key applications of these emerging technologies. We will also dive into a preliminary review of ML algorithms and how they work.

What's In It For You?

  • Understanding AI and ML, and the philosophy behind these new technologies

  • Knowing the impact of AI on jobs, communities, business, and industry

  • Understanding the use cases of AI in different industries like hi-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, publishing and media, education, transportation etc.

  • Exploring to machine learning algorithms like classification, regression, neural networks etc.
About Vivek Singhal
Vivek Singhal is an entrepreneur and thought-leader in Artificial Intelligence and deep-tech industries. He is a co-founder at CellStrat – India’s leading Artificial Intelligence startup specializing in content development and research in emerging areas of machine learning and deep learning. Prior to this, Vivek has been a co-founder at several startups like Healthiply and LocVille.com, and has also worked with firms like IBM, and AT&T in USA and India.