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Gaurav Mishra

How to Make Your Content Architecture AI-First Gaurav Mishra

Know how to change your content architecture, to future-proof it and make it ...

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Why Learning is Critical to Your Company’s Bottomline Ori Bendet

In this session we’ll go over the challenges of today’s sales enablement and ...

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Using Drupal as Data Pipeline for Digital Signage | Srijan Mike Madison

Digital signs are a completely different creature than standard websites, ...

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Continuous Integration Has Never Been So Easy Andrew Berry and Juampy NR

Know all about Continuous Integration, how it helps, and how to implement it ...

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jyoti border

New Recipe of Decoupled Architecture | Srijan Jyoti Singh

Join the webinar to understand how exactly decoupled architecture works and how ...

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Let’s Take the Best Route - Exploring Drupal 8 Routing System | Srijan Surbhi Sriwal

Join the webinar to get a better understanding of the Drupal 8 routing system ...

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vartul mittal

RPA - Leveraging Digital Workforce for Future of Work Vartul Mittal

Technology-enabled time and cost optimizations are at the forefront of ...

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Building a Multi-Brand Platform with Drupal 8 | Srijan| Ishan Mahajan

Join the webinar to understand how to build a multi-site Drupal 8 distribution ...

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Matt Skinner

Understand & Prepare for GDPR Compliance | Srijan Matt Skinner

Join the webinar to get a complete overview of the General Data Protection ...

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Vivek Singhal

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Business | Srijan Vivek Singhal

This session dives into understanding the impact of artificial intelligence on ...

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Baris Wanschers

Google AMP or Instant Articles: How Do You Choose?| Srijan Baris Wanschers

Faster page loads are the holy grail of website optimization. Discover how ...

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Sumit Goyal

Getting Started with Tableau Sumit Goyal

Join the webinar to understand features and capabilities of Tableau.

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