Gaining insights of India’s performance at CWG 2018 with Tableau Desktop

Gaining insights of India’s performance at CWG 2018 with Tableau Desktop


Observing India’s performance at Commonwealth Games 2018, I began to think what might have Indian team lacked that it ranked 3rd at the international games. There were questions in my mind regarding the skills of the participants, not enough opportunities, lack of equipments/knowledge or low participation which might have led India to miss the chance of winning the trophy.

Keen to understand where did India lack, I initiated a small visualization exercise with our Dashboard Expert - Sumit Goyal. I was just too curious to understand the pattern to know where did India stand in the international rankings in terms of medals and was looking forward to get data-driven answers to questions like:

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  • which were top 5 sports of winning team,
  • which were top 5 sports of India, and
  • country wise percentage of gold medal events in top 5 sports.   

The idea

We came to a conclusion where we thought to build a dashboard to visualize the CWG data from various trustable data sources. We wanted to filter the data to dive deeper into the analysis and drill down the information for better understanding.

The tool

There are endless Business Intelligence (BI) tools in the market designed to capture, categorize and analyze data to understand the best practices for an improved decision making. For this dashboard, we took help of the Tableau desktop. It helped convey the information of many worksheets and related information all at one place that helped us gain insights on trends and behaviors to compare and monitor a variety of data simultaneously.

The final dashboard

The dashboard informs with a glance that the winning team- Australia had their specialization, as well as participation maximized in games like Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Lawn bowls, and Swimming - which also at the same time had the maximum number of events at CWG. So, if the number of sports events in games like Shooting, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Table Tennis and Badminton (which were also India’s top 5 sports) were increased, then India could have conveniently grabbed the trophy for CWG 2018.

To have a look at the interactive tableau dashboard, please follow this link:!/vizhome/cwgwith8003400/CWG-2018  

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