Internet Of Things

Srijan helps enterprises reimagine their digital transformation journey
with the Internet of Things

From analyzing energy consumption at manufacturing plants across the globe, to remote monitoring of the health of patients, the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live and work. Connected devices are being harnessed across industries to get more out of physical assets, drive efficient business processes, and unlock new revenue streams. For enterprises, their ability to define, build, and run an IoT ecosystem will determine their competitive edge.

The Opportunities With IoT

According to McKinsey Global Institute, the estimated potential economic impact of IoT in only 9 Settings in 2025, range annually from $3.9– 11.1 trillion. All major surveys and forecasts indicate that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Here are some key applications coming up:


  • Improved Customer Experience & Engagement

    Leverage data from connected devices to offer improved services, integrated product operations portals, and operating best practices

  • Optimize & Automate Business Processes

    Combine data from distributed physical assets to drive enterprise business processes and orchestrate operations

  • Differentiated Products & Revenue Streams

    Increase product innovation & shorten product development lifecycle with real-time data from field assets


Our Approach to IoT

  • connectConnect: Deploy sensors or IoT-ize devices to create an intelligent, connected ecosystem of physical assets.
  • collectCollect: Collect data on various business-critical processes, from the host of connected devices.
  • createCreate: Design interactive dashboards that allow real-time access and analysis of generated data to extract relevant insights.
  • experienceExperience: Drive significant cost savings, more efficient business processes, and offer better experiences for customers and stakeholders.


Our IoT Expertise

Making meaning out of the massive volumes of data generated by connected devices is one of the most critical aspects of deriving value from IoT implementations. And that’s where we excel.

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Internet Of Things

Srijan helps enterprises reimagine their digital transformation journey with the internet of things.