What is Responsive Design

By Ravish Malik May 15, 2013

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below. 

Know why Responsive Design is the need of the hour

Responsive Design - should you care?

We keep hearing 'The web is an ever-changing place' but what does it actually mean? It means the web is responsive: it responds to technology, it responds to new design and data visualization paradigms, and foremost, it responds to the ever-changing need of the industry.

So now, what is responsive design? Responsive design is not simply about techniques and device widths, it's more of a new mindset. If put into action properly, designing responsive sites will provide an entirely new perspective. This webinar will briefly explain why responsive is important and why you should start making responsive web designs.

Why you should attend this?

1. To know what is Responsive Design
2. To know why Responsive Design is the need of the hour
3.  To know whether you need a Responsive Design or not

Who should attend this?

1. Marketers
2. Business Analysts
3. Visualizers
3. Designers
4. Anyone else who is interested to know about Responsive Design

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Ravish Malik

Ravish Malik is an avid gamer and experienced game developer at heart. He also constantly tries to study, research and practice a whole range of disciplines from illustration and design to front-end and back-end product development. His qualities lie in pro-actively questioning ideas and brainstorming for better products. With 3 years of experience and a couple startups behind him, he's the guy you go to if you want a discussion on new media and tech.

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